Monday, April 12, 2010

It's the little things that keep you going

If you think waking up with a stiff neck wasn't bad enough, try working 12hours straight with that neck.

You don't have to remember to keep your head as still as possible nor to not make sudden/fast movements (such as walking) that could cause the slightest jerk in your neck. Because the pain will make sure of that for you.

And only leaving after everyone had all but left.

With 20mins drive ahead, thank you for the existence of radio. Better still, thank you for having free CD-SMS contest at just the right time.

Because yes I WON!!

Hahahah my day was changed in a mere 200m stretch of road maybe; at one traffic light I managed to touch the send button "red[space]boyzone" and just the next traffic light I got THE call. I thought it was my mum but the number on screen was outstation and turns out it was Jeremy of RedFM *grins [I had to sing "Words" on live radio too but I only managed 2 lines before giggling out loud LOL Ironically, Words would not be able to describe my suprise winning]

Yup, won myself a Boyzone latest album "Brother" which by the way is named in memory of Stephen Gately. Makes the album extra special...

It's really the little things that keep ME going :)
[Oh and Thank You for RedFM & Thank you Jeremy for picking my number *winks]

"I will learn to live before I die."

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tanshuyin said... come u always win such contests wan ar? *jealousnya :)

jun6 said...'re always lucky 1.but u hav to pay for it 1st;)

Catherine said...

honestly din think I would win..jst simply sms nia manatau he really called me! :D

haha at least it made my day/nite ;)

Terry said...

sms while driving ar? luckily didn't long chia.

Soo Huey said...

wahlaueh... nostalgia thinking about Boyzone! but i juz went to check the Brother track samples on youtube. marr marr nia... not nice wan! was good when we were young, but now taste developed d :P

Mindy said...

LOL... Boyzone is still around? I didn't even know. Hahahaha...

Catherine said...

at traffic light la :P

ahhaha i din check out their songs except the 1st single from the album "Gave it all away" which I tot was quite the mv was in memory of Stephen Gately, quite sad one actually...

lol yes mindy, they are still around :P

mELbiEpiE said...

Haha, well done~!!! Tang Mei memang always lucky ;) Next time must buy lottery dee.... ;)

I was just listening to their "No matter what" recently.... lol~!

Catherine said...

haha win small stuff nia la luck at lottery one

yeah one of my fav too..remember we use to sing that in class kekekeke
ahhh the good old days

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