Saturday, August 04, 2007

Conquer the world with CHOCOLATE!

They say Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get.

I say what if you can determine what kind of chocolate goes into that box, whilst making a name for yourself along the way? Cool, huh? And now you can - virtually, at least - when you become a Chocolatier .

The game is set in the 19th century (1880), where you start out as an apprentice (aiming to become a Master Chocolatier) to help Evangeline Baumeister, a famous chocolatier, to not only restore her chocolate company but to grow it into a worldwide empire. From travelling to the four corners of the world to acquire recipes and ingredients, to setting up factories to produce these tasty confections, and to selling of chocolates produced to whichever stores giving the highest price, you are involved every step of the way.

Want to learn the recipe for Chocolate Bars with special Trinidad Cacao? Sulawesi Cacao Lemon Macadamia Truffles? Cherry Chocolate Infusions? In order to acquire these recipes (64 in total), you'll need to take on missions given by dozens of characters you meet along the way. You'll also deal with merchants to mass purchase the finest of ingredients such as sugar, milk, all sorts of beans (e.g. coffee, cacao,) spices (e.g. vanilla, cinnamon,) assortment of nuts (e.g. cashew, almond, macadamia) and fruits (e.g coconuts, lemons, raspberries), even bargaining with them for the best prices - prices change according to market trends - to ensure no hiccups to the operations of your multiple factories. Any interruption and you'll be seeing red lights blinking on your dashboard. Yup, there is a dashboard to allow you to keep track of things (bank balance, inventories, factory statuses) easily.

Productivity of your factories depends directly on how good you are at firing the correct ingredients into rotating machine slots. It might seem easy at first, that is until the machine starts to spin faster and faster, and you find yourself holding on tightly to your mouse trying to steady your aims, as well as from simple recipes requiring only 3 ingredients, you'll soon own recipes that requires at least 6 unique ingredients! A slot containing all required ingredients is grabbed by a tweezer-like machine to become a case of chocolate. The number of cases you are able to produce will be the factory's productivity per day though you are allowed to change it anytime by going through the shooting exercise each time.

Like any entrepreneur, you would want to brand your products, and LOL you get to do that too here. There are a few logos to choose from, together with a name you come up with, align it however you want, and voila, christening done. What more, all your factory sites will bear huge signboards of your creation. Proud, eh? kekekek....

With wonderful graphics (the chocolates look really, really delicious), lovely animations, and interesting game-play, I found myself addicted to the game in no time. And now yours truly is a Master Chocolatier LOL. So the next time you have a craving for chocolates, remember to look out for CHOCOYUMMY - the yummiest chocolates the world has ever tasted!

My Rating:

6 tots:

Man Surani said...

url for the game?

Catherine said...

A search at and you should be able to find it =)

Anonymous said...

So when can we expect the first MY choco from u?

Catherine said...

It's already out ya..CHOCOYUMMY, that's my brand of chocolates on the 2nd last image and you should see signboard on my factory in London =P

Anonymous said...

CHOCOYUMMY??? are they better than the chocs made in swiss?? ini buatan malaysia tau hehe!

Catherine said...

Haha..but you see I have factories everywhere but not Msia, plus I make all kinds of chocs using ingredients from around the world. Thats INTERNATIONAL choc for you! =P

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