Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Idea

One word to describe Inception.

Exceptionally good that is. I can't say more. I won't say more. Seriously you've gotta watch it for yourself. 

But if you're done with it or if you don't mind spoilers, I'll share with you this much. In the end I say the top kept spinning i.e. you-know-what. Why?

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    Because what are the odds the children are squatting at the exact same positions as in his memories of them? And wearing the same clothes? Both of them? And no signs that they have aged (or grown) since the last time Dom saw them which was probably months ago. Only explanation - they are just his memories. And the faces you might ask since Dom insisted he never got to see their faces when he left? Well, afterall they are his kids. Which dad don't remember the faces of his children? So that part of "reality" can easily be created by Dom, the architect-pro.
    Good or bad? I guess he no longer cares as long as he got his happy ending. If not in the real world then in la-la-land. It's kinda sad actually. Which makes this movie even more impressive overall.
    So much so that the movie was still swirling in my mind as I drove home and prepared to go to bed. Then it popped into my mind. They never really explained how the rest of them appear in someone else's dreams? Sure they are connected to the same machine that sedates them but how does one determine whose dream to enter? Somewhat impossible to me. Maybe that's why they chose not to dwell on it aka minority report. Though not so cool anymore, huh? *minus half a star  ~ lol

one wonders if sometimes the only way is to dream away...

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Monday, July 19, 2010


Nurse: Mr Murdock, why are you out of your ward?
Murdock: I smell that gas on you? [sniffs at Faceman's sleeve]
Faceman: Ward? What do you mean ward?
[Takes a look at Baracus' arm - featuring a lighting bolt-stitch]
Faceman: Did you ask him to stitch a lighting bolt?
Baracus: No, I din...Is your arm on fire?
[Faceman checks arm and immediately starts beating out the fire on his arm before shouting at Murdock]
Faceman: ARE YOU CRAZY??!!!!

Most hilarious scene on A-Team.
On the other hand, Jessica Biel is just there to look good holding a gun in sky-high stilettos and trench-coat dress...

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blurred By The Mind

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Paranormal Activity

So I decided to watch Paranormal Activity after in possession of the film for >1/2 a year (I first heard it in Oct '09). Actually I only thought about watching it after the trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 came out. Ppl whom  I'd mentioned the film to, well, I think most of them had already watched it and their feedbacks were...

..they fast forwarded through the boring bits and just looked out for the scary scenes ~duh

Because it was meant to be home video aka documentary style, there were indeed some boring dialogue parts. Anyway I was determined not to do any fast forwarding so I could actually listen to them talking and better understand the whole movie. I wasn't looking for some cheap scare, no sir, I wasn't. Not went I was sitting about 2-3 feet away from the screen just to be safe.

[spoilers beware]
In truth the film isn't really that frightening. First, you don't actually see the "thing", its just the happenings that convinces you there is a "thing" there. Slamming doors, blinking lights, swaying get the drift. But of course if I had had experienced any one of the above, trust me I would not be staying there for 2 weeks trying to capture it on camera! And just 2 person in an entire house...BIG mistake. 

The most creepy for me would be the leg-pulling scene. Totally unnerving.

Also I din particularly like the part Micah showed Katie something he found about some Dianne who was possessed in the 60s. How on earth was he able to find a clip of the girl chewing her own arm off? An no one to stop her but just continued recording away? Disturbing yes but didn't really make sense. 

When I was done, a friend asked me how it was and mentioned something that I had no idea at all. I was like "Uh, no I never saw that scene..maybe you saw something "extra"?" *nervous laughter

Turns out there are actually 3 different endings to the same movie! There's the original ending (which I watched), the theatrical ending (by Spielberg), and then there's another with some throat-slitting. If you'd only watched one, I recommend watching all 3 just for the fun of it *winks

How this low budget film is one of the biggest scare in America beats me. They should watch more Asian horror films and I don't mean those American-remakes. Perhaps Paranormal Activity 2 might overcome that since I saw something in there.

Still, you won't catch me filming anything at night anytime soon....

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Sunday, July 04, 2010