Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why watch a movie at the cinema

'Yeah,I'm at the movies'

... when you are such a hot-demand that you had to text thru 98% of the show, with glaring light shining out from the mobile's screen? (Not to mention not switching to silent mode)

... when the seat must have been really uncomfy till you had to fidget non-stop as though there were insects crawling down ur back?

... when the seating aisle is so narrow that you had to put your 'hong kong feet' up on the seat in front of you, which by the way was occupied?

... when you are obviously suffering from coughing fits that you had to clear your throat every few seconds?

... when you had to keep thrusting both your hands out in front for only-God-knows-why?

... when it's common sense that the place's not a yoga spot yet you went ahead and kicked your leg up, yes UP, not once but TWICE, as though it's an ordinary thing to do?

Because you are an inconsiderate, annoying person who thinks that by paying 6 bucks, you are entitled to cause discomfort to other movie-goers, with a bunch of equally lowly friends sharing the same passion of displaying their feet on top of cinema seats. In case you didn't know, everybody else paid 6 bucks too yet civil-wise.. totally day and night.

If anyone asks me, this would be one of the worst cinema etiquettes I have ever encountered. Call me unlucky/lucky, my seat was next to his so I could see his every movement but at least I did not have to smell the "scent" of his feet (poor girl in front of him) or have a leg shot up to block my line of sight (poor person in the seat behind him)!

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tango said...

wa wa...really '佛都有火' this time!

is this what people called bad 'cinema' day'?!

or ni tuo fo! shin zoi! shin zoi!

p/s: don't punish yourself by getting angry with someone who is so low tat, bo tat...

Anonymous said...

wahhh u go to movies with such a "fren"?? hahhahahaha sitting beside summore.... walau.... r u sure he's not trying to "impress" u??? wat a "lucky" day.....

Catherine said...

yaler..mst have been unlucky movie day. I could feel myself leaning toward my mum on my left to get as far away as possible..also really focus on watching the movie :P

fren?! 'CHAP JU'!
impress? LOL..i cannot imagine if he went there with a girl, maybe i'll end up watching another "movie" - live!

tanshuyin said...

wah...i think i will "juling" that guy til he runs whenever we meet eye-contact! terrible, man!

Catherine said...

haha in the dark how to juling...if i kept trying to juling maybe ended up miss out parts of the movie pulak..lagi not worth!

and nop, no eye contact whatsoever..haha pls stay far, far away pls :P

Eng Seng said...

Where was that? At GSC Gurney Plaza? The tickets are really cheap at RM6! But yeah lah, spoiled the movie experience... Especially if it's a good movie.

You know, this reminds me of that Nokia advertisement they used to show before movies start... And that DiGi advertisement about the 'I taikor mahhh!'.

Catherine said...

Yeah GSC Gurney Plaza..hhee yup, it's cheap movie day every wednesday except pre/on public holidays :D

haha yeah he shud see the follow-up of the DiGi ad where that so-called "taikor" got beaten up and dared not even read SMS :P

Anonymous said...

HAha... try not to go on cheap tickets day ;)

Catherine said...

POOR ma, not like a certain someone who is earning SING dollars!

haha btw, suprised to see you's life? mst be doing great ler only can laugh at ppl *bleks..

take care :)

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