Monday, September 26, 2011


Romeo X Juliet

...a tale of forbidden love with a magical/fantasy twist, and a great song - Inori by Lena Park; a Japanese version of the famous You Raise Me Up (which according to Wikipedia, has been covered more than 125 times including the likes of Josh Groban and Westlife)

urunda hitomi no oku ni [In the depths of my tear-filled eyes]  
kawaranu kimi no sugata [Is your everlasting beauty]
"doko made sekai wa tsudzuku no" ["How far does the world go?"]
todaeta hibi no kotoba [Those words from our bygone days]

kogoeru arashi no yoru mo [Even on those freezing, stormy nights]
mada minu kimi e tsudzuku [Though you are still out of sight, I continue on]
oshiete umi wataru kaze [Please tell me, ocean-crossing winds]
inori wa toki wo koeru [That my prayers will pass through time]

kasunda chihei no mukou ni [Beyond the misty horizons]
nemureru hoshi no souwa [Stars are fabled to lie]
"akenai yoru wa nai yo" to ["Dawn will surely follow every night"]
ano hi no tsumi ga warau [The sins of my past laughs]

furueru kimi wo dakiyose [I try to embrace you trembling with uncertainty]
todokanu kokuu wo aogu [But I look up at the empty sky beyond reach]
kikoeru yami terasu kane [I hear the chime that illuminates darkness]
kimi eto michi wa tooku [Showing me that the path to you is still far]

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mid-Autumn 2011

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!
4th year and still keeping the tradition alive ☺

Häagen-Dazs ice-cream mooncakes...goes well with a cuppa coffee/tea under the moonlit sky (or a rainy afternoon) ;)