Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Twenty-Five Years Ago Today

Twenty-Five Years Ago TodayWon this from LibraryThing's Member Giveaways about a month or two back and it was an e-book. Honestly, I hardly read e-books as I prefer the old conventional of holding on to a paperback or hardcover and flipping the pages. Don't even get me started on the joy of getting lost in bookstores..

Anyway, I realize e-book has its advantages too. Now I can read during lunch breaks without the hassle of bringing a book around. Thanks to smartphone apps, I can even save and read it on the go if the storyline ever gets too good to put down. And there you go, finished the book in no time ☺

In Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, an unsolved murder case caught Kris Langley's attention and she felt the need to investigate due to some past guilt of her own. The plot is interesting, the characters believable and the settings realistic. And creatively, Stacy Juba manage to weave Greek myths into the story which was a suprise when I came to it. A pleasant one nonetheless seeing that I am a fan of Greek mythology myself. I like how she relate the discovery of the murderer in the end to the myth. I'm not too fond of the romance part though as it felt too sudden but no major harm done. An enjoyable read throughout.

My Rating:

7 tots:

UrBiggestFan said... first comment! :P oooo, interesting plot? lai, summarize for me when we meet up yea..wanna know how this Greek myth play its part in this story.. hehehe

Mindy said...

How come you always win stuff wan... so jealous :P

Catherine said...

UrBiggestFan LOL..what a name! Thank you for finally commenting :P
Sure I'll tell you which Greek gods were involved and see if you know which myth I'm talking about ;)

Mindy, you can try your luck too since you are a member of LibraryThing :)
And I don't always dunno how long I've tried before finally they decided to pick me XD

terrell teh said...

do u see a "face" inside that forest.. geli geli...and eh, iphone screen too small liao la, get an iPAD :p

Catherine said...

face? what face? :P
there's sth called zoom in the app so no probs but if you want to sponsor a free ipad, I don't mind too XD

UrBiggestFan said...

LOL! cherr, so fast can guessed di...hmmm, next comment comes with a different name! blueks!
ohh, sounded just like a quiz. tomolo hah...pls remember. :P

Catherine said...

change name? not gonna be my biggest fan no more? :S

haha sure, quiz u ready!

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