Sunday, October 05, 2014

Beauty Tips: Apply Mascara Like A Pro

Coming from a girl who uses minimal make up, I believe in better enhancing the eyes when the occasion calls for it with the use of the perfect mascara. And I rely on these 3 simple steps on how to make the eyes pop.
  1. Start off with an eyelash curler
    Begin by curling your lashes from the root but making sure not to get the skin of your eyelid into the eyelash curlers. The tip is to hold it for about 10 seconds before releasing. You may choose to repeat the step until you are satisfied with the degree of curve it gives to your lashes.

  2. Handle the mascara wand with care
    Avoid from pumping the wand in and out of the mascara container as this pushes air into the tube drying up the mascara solutions which causes clumping. The best way to handle the wand is by gently twisting the wand in a circular motion in order to get a sufficient smooth amount of mascara. Additionally to further avoid clumpy lashes, make sure to wipe off any excess each time the wand is removed.

  3. Apply more than two layers of mascara
    To get a nice naturally long thick lashes, you should opt to apply more than two coats of mascara. Keep in mind though to apply it stroke after stroke instead of waiting for it to dry as it might cause flaking. 
Lastly, practice and practice!

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Note: This is a collaboration post with Zalora. All words and views are the author's own.