Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Sire

Having heard of the place for a while now (probably years), we decided to walk in one night out of the blue to discover...

A nice place for quiet evenings; surrounded by eastern-western mix & match decorations and paintings. There's suppose to be a mini museum too somewhere on the 2nd floor but was too lazy to snoop around.

Appealing food; but it wasn't the best best mushroom soup for me (high marks on the presentations definitely). The lamb turned out quite rare - almost like "lamb-sashimi" - but lucky thing it did not have that pungent smell/taste that comes with lamb/mutton. Indeed the meat was actually pretty juicy and tender. Oh, and each meal came with in-house complimentary toasted cheese baguettes too which were crunchy and tasted good (but I guess cheese-haters would agree to disagree - and yes, I do mean you, miss-pretty-busy *lol). 

So there you go...The Sire  - checked! :)

P/S: Actually make that a double check....french onion soup is tasty and while the lemon grass chicken was palatable, it isn't a dish that will make me go back.

2 tots:

Dandelion said...

hmmm, i'm not a cheese-hater..just dont like the taste nia.. ehehe agreed, presentation memang thumbs up! when wanna bring me go try? XD

ps: giving comment doesnt mean i'm ms-pretty-busy! lol

Catherine said...

LOL, obviously ur sentence shows that you are ms-pretty-busy :P

when wanna go try? anytime..see bila u mau pigi nia ;)

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