Monday, April 13, 2009

Hello again..

I am back! Whilst there were no new posts, those who checked out my blog would most likely have noticed the twitter updates. Oh well, for those who didn’t, it’s almost a week since I came back from a 2.5wks vacation to Europe. But this post is not to go into details merely to get things going again. I am actually very much swarmed with stuff right now though slowly but surely I am trying my best to get things back on track.

Meanwhile I have

  • heaps of work to do in the office which pretty much take up my entire weekdays. I only have a few hrs each nite before I have to go to bed which are pretty useless to do anything significant.

  • hundreds if not thousands of pictures to sort out as I can’t possibly post all up. Even if I wanted to, the tortoise streamyx line at home will take me millenias! So patient my frens who have been asking me for pictures..

  • 2 wedding dinner receptions to attend in the coming 2 weeks which means there’s only ~1 day per weekend left to sort my stuff

  • frens to catch up with. I’m sorry I have to say this will take a while

  • my old routine to get back to; my tv/anime/football to follow, newspapers to read (actually I just cleared 2 weeks backlog yesterday), gym to attend, etc.

Arrgh..I am very much in need of 48-hr, no make it 72-hr days right now!!

I will let my pictures do most of the talking except for some which I will blog about in upcoming posts. So check out my facebook for pictures soon and stay tune here…signing off now.