Monday, February 01, 2010

Of Mornings Gone, Afternoon-Rots & Late Nites

Digested an entire 16-ep Korean series this week among others. Korean series/films have never been a favorite actually. Come to think of it maybe it was because there were no sources previously. Provide them and I'll most likely watch every series there is out there..

My Girl turned out to be quite nice although at the start, the girl seemed annoying. The guy was the cool type common in love dramas from Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Then there was this other girl and that other guy. The love triangle/square. But the chemistry between the main 2 casts was there making it an enjoyable series overall. Ooh, I'll love to experience snowy winters someday :)

The hermit crab in me finally crawled out of her shell this afternoon. Made use of the replacement holiday to take care of banking matters and as usual bill payments. I wonder why they don't make it a linked system at chim-bank. Imagine if you wanna cancel your credit card and activate another, they will need to call the KL HQ and have them do it for you. Or you can always call them yourselves. So it's kinda irrelevant to setup customer service counters, don't you think? Well guess what, there was no one at the end of line today.

Next, brunch @ Edo Ichi. Rainbow roll was nice. Complimentary scoop of green tea ice-cream too. Last day for the offer tho, the waiter informed. "Tomorrow they will be charged."

Lastly, or rather 2nd lastly, Fettes Residence is not your next upscale address for nothing. The units are HUGE (min 2k sqft). From the huge double main door right up to the 4+1 bedrooms and walk-in-wardrobe, impressive's the word. Equally impressive was the price. Starting at 875k with an additional 5k per floor, 35 floors in total. But unobstructed sea view only begins from 18th storey onwards. Surprisingly they have studio units too. 1 bedroom, 1k sqft. No surprise those units were all sold out.

Lastly, Gunners got thrashed by MU this morning. Oh yes, We are back! *grins

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walkin wardrobe said...

Sounds like a good walkin wardrobe and bedroom impressive indeed

Mindy said...

I loved My Girl. One of my favourite korean dramas. I liked one of the scenes how they made fun of the typical Korean drama plots.

Fettes Residence is the condo right? You're looking for a new place izit? :P

Catherine said...

Thanks for dropping by. I think walk-in-wardrobe trend is picking up around here :)

hehe yes mindy, the part where the two siblings conjured up all the possible endings to a love story? LOL the adopted grandson, the sudden-illness-dying-soon ending. I like how they added in imaginary scenes. Like when the 2 had to spend a night at the house - just the 2 of them. Yoo Rin locked the door and propped a chair against it..hilarious.

Best part was of course how Gong Chan fell for her unconsciously. All the little little things he did..sweet :D

haha nola. Even if I was, Fettes Residence is out of the question. SO so so expensive!

Soo Huey said...

hmm... did i not make a comment here, or did u not approve it?

Catherine said...

eh no, i din get any comment from you except the one u just made :P

Soo Huey said...

hmm... maybe i decided not to comment after all :P

meant to say dont alwiz stay home chase series so much! later rot away. go out n do stuff! but penang very boring. not much to do.. xD

Catherine said...

ahaha i'm a rotter all this while wert :P

waiting for u to come back and change it all XD

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