Saturday, September 19, 2009


I realized I had a bunch of emails in my inbox/sent items that I never deleted, some dating back to year 2004 (Subject: Welcome to Yahoo!) Looking through them sent a wave of nostalgia over me..I din even remember receiving/replying to some of those emails! A nice way to walk down memory lane though. And nop, not deleting most of them yet; not unless my mailbox is over-limit (very unlikely…)

P/S: Blogging from Windows Live Writer..seem kinda cool :)

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Soo Huey said...

is there any you would now consider replying or wished you had?

sippingsoda said...

crossings == shibuya

Catherine said...

hmm i think i did reply all of them la..jst i dun recall that i did :P
i alwiz reply emails one unlike someone here ngek ngek

shibuya eh..lots of anime char has dat name :)

terrell teh said...

Friendship like crossroad,
a place where we stop n meet,
it last till the light turn red n move on,
maybe we shall meet again in the next junction.. or maybe we wont...


Catherine said...

haha yeah..ur trademarked concept :P

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