Monday, September 06, 2010

You Win (or You Die!)

I just had to blog about this. I'm not sure if it's new but it sure was my first time watching an interactive movie on YouTube..And it's way cool and crazily funny! 

Some of you might already know what I'm talking about ~because I sent you them links~ but if you don't, then let me enlighten you..

There's this short zombie movie on YouTube by HellPizzaNZ. The movie started out with some zombie/human killing scene and a lady managed to escaped by climbing up onto a container. Safe for the moment, what did she decided to do? She ordered pizza - delivery.. LOL

The scene cut to the pizza parlor where the dude who received the order had no choice but to deliver. On his drive there he was stopped by a guy surrounded by zombies in a shirt covered with blood. The guy pleaded "Please let me in!" 

That's where the interactive part comes get to decide to either "Let Him In" or "Leave Him To Die" (most of my friends - actually all of them - chose to let him about saving yourself in threatening situations hah!) So you make a choice by clicking on the screen and you will then be linked to a different clip. Depending on the option, you either survive  i.e continue on with your journey, or you die - HORRIBLY.

No worries though if you end up dead as the clip will rewind back to the decision making point and you can then choose the other route. There are 5 decision points throughout. Just out of curiosity, yours truly had tried all possible options to see what happened :P And I must say the last decision is the most hilarious of all. Choose wisely or it'll be the worst decision ever made!

To get you started, I'll post the first clip here...have fun and hopefully you'll survive to tell me about your experience XD

(Oh and it's gory and bloody but definitely B-Grade)
A final note, kudos to HellPizzaNZ for such a brilliant advert. It really does make you wanna try out their pizza the next time you are in NZ/UK/Ireland/Australia..apparently its the "best damned pizza you are likely to eat in this lifetime."

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terrell teh said...

I did try all the possible options since KENA BITE for 4 times except the last one .. haha

Wong Nguk Sing said...

Died once at the scooter scene... ha! I knew it was crazy to choose scooter over rope... just trying out my luck! who knows...

Catherine said...

Haha, Terrell will not survive in a real zombie attack I guess :P

LOL worst decision ever, Wong!

Dandelion said...

hahaha...see!! most ppl chose scooter over a rope... blueks! grrrr, still cannot believe the scooter just crash-landed.. :P

Catherine said...

hahaha everyone thinks they are some pro-biker :P

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