Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mooncake & Ipoh Pigi Recap

It’s almost that moon-admiring time of the year again :)

And BC’s Precious Black is a little over-rated I must say. Sold out almost everywhere. A bite and “OK-OK nia”. Yet to try the other flavors though namely blueberry cheese, tiramisu, chestnut japanese jingsa (don’t even know what’s that) and chocolate peanut.

LOL btw this phrase was also over-used during the Ipoh yat yat yau (one day tour).

Foh San Dim Sum? Not worth it if you had to be waiting for tables and pressuring ppl to leave their tables or a possible sitting war with the lady who insisted she was there first…Char Koay Kak thumbsdwn, Chee Cheong Fun thumbsdwn, Por Lor Pao thumbsdwn, Char Siew Pao thumbsdwn (rating from Pao King himself), Siew Mai, Loh Mai Kai etc etc, common and nothing special.

Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah? Only served with sugar syrup. I usually have mine with gula melaka syrup. After the tau fu fah, the soya bean drink felt tasteless..

Nam Heong Kopi? The white kopi peng tasted like well kopi peng. Never been a fan of Old Town anyway.

Yong Tao Fu Under Tree? Dried Yong Tau Fu ie. all the items were deep-fried. Since all deep-fried items are delicious regardless :P this was the only one we felt were great. Cheap price helped too! However I find dipping it with laksa soup only without any other sauce a bit weird so I took mine dry. And the laksa, more hei-koh (black prawn paste) needed.

“OK-OK nia” :P

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Unknown said...

Foh San Dim Sum not worth lo and Din Sum so so nia. Better goto Meng Kok(opposite Foh San).:p

Catherine said...

yaler...not worthy at all. no nxt time :P

Soo Huey said...

ei, i was thinking your tookia so cute!!! but nothing on your post talk about the tookia wan! where you got it? nice??

Lynn Guan said...

where did you buy the cute pig mooncake ? :) or you make yourself ?

LynnGuan said...

googled and it appeared that mashed egg yolk instead of whole yolk its call jingsa...hmphh..

terrell teh said...

eating at Foh San Dim Sun is like playing treasure hunt.. wan to eat a "loh mai gai" oso need to find 4 different corners only can get it.. they din put all the dim sun at 1 place 1..

last time i went v 4 guys.. tactic is 10 eyes look at 1 people, for sure they will eat fast fast and leave :p

Catherine said...

haha coz belum makan ma no mention lo :P
got it at some charity event. my mum ate one today and she said there's egg yolk inside..tasted like normal mooncake lo..:P

lol thanx lynn, mashed egg yolk look more like golden (jing) sands (sa) perhaps?

haha well i jst sat and ate nia, din went looking for food :P
huah dats y very bad..shud at least have a number system at least so we are ensure a place hmmmm

Unknown said...

Foh San pay for environment.....:P

tango said... really went there like tourist. Went to all those 'touristy' places which I don't normally go except for the 'yong tao fu' under the tree. :P

Ipoh is famous of food for sure. Too bad, you did not have chance to try what the locals love.

Catherine said...

haha i dunno, i ikut saja..but ya dat tot did cross my mind, probably we were jst going to those tourist in pg, tourists flocked to gurney drive, etc.

Anyway some of the so called famous food in pg itself also overated one la and expensive too..same concept ler :P

tango said...

ya, agreed with you. That's why I never take for example the 'ji mui' char koay tiao. ;)

Catherine said...

same here, nvr tried before.. :P

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