Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ME! MiNdBOx - Song of the World

MiNdBOx's song selection for today is from the anime Black Cat, which I finished watching at the beginning of the year (even before there was this blog) so no reviews about the anime. Nevertheless, I must say it was quite a nice anime. The song has a sad tune to it so sit back, and enjoy.. ;)

The song's called Konoyo No Uta (Song of the World) by Iwasaki Taku, and was sang by Saya, one of the character in the anime. I'm including the English translation of the lyrics as well (in brackets) below.

Uta wo utaou
(Let's sing a song)
Daichi no uta wo
(The song of the Earth)
Kaze wo idakou
(Hold the wind in your arms)
Hikari abite
(Bask in the light)
Hoshi wa mata taki
(The stars are twinkling)
Mochi wa kirameku
(Shining down upon the streets)
Fuwa fuwa fururi
(Light and bouncy)
Negai komete...
(Be full of hopes...)

Uta wo utaou
(Let's sing a song)
Sekai no uta wo
(Let the song of the world)
Doko made ikou
(Travel forever)
Sora wo aoide
(Looking up at the sky)
Hito no ubugoe
(The sound of people talking)
Mushi no habataki
(Insects jumping)
Fuwa fuwa fururi
(Light and bouncy)
Omoi nosete...

(Taking my hopes with it...)
Fuwa fuwa fururi
(Light and bouncy)
Ashita wa kitto
(Tomorrow will definitely)
Fuwa fuwa fururi Sora ni todoku
(Light and bouncy. Reach the sky)

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P/S: There is also a piano version of the song but without the singing.

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Pu3rto Rican Girl said...

i like this song,but i heard another version of it with different lyrics.and i dont know if thats the real 1 or if this is the real me out plz.

Catherine said...

oh i've never heard other versions except the one in the Black Cat anime.

I googled and read that there is an English version too. I think you should be able to find it too :)

But I would feel that the japanese version is the original version since the anime is in japanese afterall ;)

frozen princess said...


Anonymous said...

This song makes you feel like your on a cloud.

Catherine said...

yeah..nice song, nice anime :)

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