Monday, February 07, 2011


♥ the packaging!

Comes with a complimentary measuring tape (so that you'll buy dresses from them next?)

But most important of all, ♥♥♥ the brand! 

My very first Victoria Beckham (and its all mine, mine, mine!)
...yes, it's enough to make depresso day go away

4 tots:

Ivan said...

Cool! Printer still got ink? :P

Eng Seng said...

Can we see a picture of you wearing them, please? =)

Dandelion said...

waaaaa...siape bagi?? lol :P
wow, nice packaging indeed! and the sunglass, one word - elegant. bila mau wear and let me see.. hehe

Catherine said...

hahah alwiz out of ink and beyond repair-ler..

picture? nah..but victoria beckham did wore it out and about :P

ahah siapa bagi?? confirm din fall from the sky la! bila mau wear kah..hmmmm :P

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