Sunday, July 26, 2009

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince...the Movie

One word sums it up.. CRAM.
The gist of the 6th Harry Potter book is crammed into a 2 hour 32 minutes of often slow and confusing with little action movie. The pace & flow did not differ much from the 5th movie which I reviewed back in 2007 (read review here) .

Scenes jumped from one to another and for those who have not read the book or worse never actually watched any Harry Potter before, it will be a jumble of what just happened? and I'm confused moments. Not to mention huge chunks of details in the book that were left out from the movie. Even the last scene where XXX was YYY-ed was altered a bit. I vaguely remembered it was different from what I read and I was right - I went home and confirmed with the book :P

Anyway watch this a must if you have been a follower of the Harry Potter series but watch it on cheap movie nites and you wont feel so disappointed *winks

Oh and the Ginny in the movie doesn't quite live up to my imagination of Ginny based on the book but well can't do much there..

My Rating:

6 tots:

tanshuyin said...

they did not do the scene where ron and hermione kissed.

Catherine said...

haha yala..instead they showed ginny and harry..cheh :P

Giap said...

I totally agree. I almost fall asleep in cinema when I watched it. :p

Catherine said...

lol..have u been following hp all these while or not? did u watch on a cheap movie day :P

Giap said...

yes, i am following.. but unfortunately i am not watching on a cheap movie day.. so, wasted. But since i have been following.. still need to watch even though it's dull lah

Catherine said...

lol then remember to watch the final installment on a cheap movie day then ;)

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