Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Chance Encounter - Not

"Be sober, be vigilante; because your adversary the Devil walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour."
1 Peter 5:8
I think I am a sucker for movies with twist endings. So obviously I found the movie to be intriguing and interesting. I had a thought who might the Devil be amongst the five trapped in the elevator at the start (turned out I wasn't quite wrong) and I liked how the story unfolded which made me doubted if I'd picked the correct one at a certain point in the movie... [If you still haven't heard of Devil by now, check out the trailer here]

And the cinematography was nicely done - even when 80% of the film was inside a standard elevator. It provided the necessary thrill and scare though far too gentle compared to, say, Asian horror films.

I couldn't believe though that the electrocution scene was censored! It wasn't even scary from the few seconds I glimpsed on some alternate trailer clip....

Anyways, when I reached home after the movie, I experienced some things; I was checking my side view mirror while reversing my car into the parking slot and when I turned back to the front, I saw a person walked pass - almost out of nowhere, mind you - heading for guess what, the ELEVATOR. Instantly, the idea crossed my mind, however ridiculous it may be haha..  but I did not take the same elevator up (not deliberately of course). That night in my bedroom, the lights dimmed and flickered; a bulb decided it was time to burn out. Such timing, eh?

Still, I'll be looking forward to seeing the remaining installments of Shyamalan's The Night Chronicles.

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jun6 said...

I think u are 'sam lei zor yong':P btw, this movie always bring us to wrong direction then finally and suddenly just giv the clue that the old lady is the Devil but too late ,Siew Lee dy jump up xD

pat said...

eeeeee.... coincidences ar??? *bites nails!

Catherine said...

haha its just the timing was so ngam..I'm not saying I wasn't thinking too much but certainly I was glad the elevator did not choose to get stuck that night :P

else I would have most certainly freaked out (aka Turn ON the Lights!)

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