Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ice Kacang Puppy Love

I watched Ice Kacang Puppy Love last Wednesday. It's probably my first time ever watching a locally produced movie in the cinema. And honestly it didn't do badly at all.

When I first heard of the movie, it was the cast that caught my attention. The cast was sorta made up of the Who's Who of Malaysian Chinese Entertainment Royalty. If you are familiar with them, we have Lee Sinje (famous actress for The Eye horror film), Victor Wong (one half of the once oh-so-famous Michael&Victor duo), Fish Leong (Taiwan-based Malaysian singer famous for her love songs), Gary Chaw Ge (also a Taiwan-based Malaysian singer who had an infamous brawl with Justin, a HK singer), Nicholas Teo (another Taiwan-based M'sia singer) and Penny Tai (yes, yet another Taiwan-based M'sia singer) [We sure do have a lot of talents based overseas huh] Not to mention the movie was a directorial debut for Ah Niu, a M'sia singer-songwriter. I was intrigued that he managed to bring together so many artistes for the film, what more when most of them are actually noted for their singing not their acting. And when the film began showing in cinemas, I started hearing whispers of how good the movie was. That was when I decided to give it a go :)

The sypnosis:-
“Ice Kacang Puppy Love” is loosely based on Malaysian Ah Niu's own growing up in Penang. In this directorial debut, he also stars as the boy who is a little shy. It’s love at first sight when a girl moves to his forsaken village and he grows up with her through primary and secondary school. However, she’s a bit of a tomboy who can fight off bullies while he’s so timid that he can’t even make coffee at his father’s shop.

Set in the late 80s-early 90s where there are no such things as mobile phones, computers, PSPs, or high-tech electronic gadgets. Where children run around in the villages, playing guli (marble), challenging each other with their pet fighting fishes, and where villagers spend their mornings/afternoons/evenings at the main coffee shop chit-chatting and gossiping away. It does rekindles the childhood memories especially for those who grew up exactly in such a setting (I was one of them!)

And seeing those scenes kinda gives you a feel-good feeling. The Indian bread seller on his motorcycle, retro fans, radio-cassette player, the Indian barber that mothers usually take their little boys to to shave their heads, the pre-war shophouses, the traditional way of making coffee, and a kid drinking coffee from the saucer.... Ahh it breathes a certain air of peacefulness and nostalgia. The film even brings us to Penang specifically to the Chew Jetty; even closer to home :)

I like the overall plot and had quite a many good laughs watching some of the antics. Certain scenes were pretty touching while the ending manages to hit a point on the reality when it comes to love. I love how they captured some of the scenes and translated them into paintings. Nice. Not to forget also the score and theme song of the movie. It's a lovely remake of an 80s song by Ah Niu. I prefer the new version for its slower tempo and rhythm. And the lyrics are meaningful too. It talks about a cherished memory of a puppy love that once was...

Listen to it while enjoying a bowl of ice kacang (no kacang for me) and you might just love it *winks

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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Had such fun revamping my blog these past 2 days that I just wanna blog about it. There are so, so, so many awesome tutorials out there and it's really satisfying when you try them out and you see your ideas materializing. On the other hand, it can be pretty frustrating when you thought you'd done everything right but nothing would appear as expected. If only it is as easy as hitting a revamp key.

Until I get in the revamping mood again, it's time to sit back and enjoy the rest of my Sunday :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

It's the little things that keep you going

If you think waking up with a stiff neck wasn't bad enough, try working 12hours straight with that neck.

You don't have to remember to keep your head as still as possible nor to not make sudden/fast movements (such as walking) that could cause the slightest jerk in your neck. Because the pain will make sure of that for you.

And only leaving after everyone had all but left.

With 20mins drive ahead, thank you for the existence of radio. Better still, thank you for having free CD-SMS contest at just the right time.

Because yes I WON!!

Hahahah my day was changed in a mere 200m stretch of road maybe; at one traffic light I managed to touch the send button "red[space]boyzone" and just the next traffic light I got THE call. I thought it was my mum but the number on screen was outstation and turns out it was Jeremy of RedFM *grins [I had to sing "Words" on live radio too but I only managed 2 lines before giggling out loud LOL Ironically, Words would not be able to describe my suprise winning]

Yup, won myself a Boyzone latest album "Brother" which by the way is named in memory of Stephen Gately. Makes the album extra special...

It's really the little things that keep ME going :)
[Oh and Thank You for RedFM & Thank you Jeremy for picking my number *winks]

"I will learn to live before I die."

Monday, April 05, 2010

Confessions of a "slacking" Bookworm

Tree of Books

I felt the urge to read tonight.
I stared at the books lined up on the shelves. Which one should I pick?

Somehow it felt good staring at them fingers running through the titles - some still in their plastic wrappings.

Must be the effect of reading about the book by Susan Hill; Howards End Is On The Landing: A Year of Reading From Home.
"Susan Hill had been looking for her copy of Howard's End and as she struggled to locate it she realised that amongst the books on the landing there were at least a dozen that she had never read; this made her re-evaluate how she read and she decided to spend a year reading only books that were on her shelves.." - Allan Gordon

" explore her collection and find new books to read in it, to re-discover lost gems and re-read favourites.." - Annabel Gaskell
I kinda am in the same situation. I have books unread, books long forgotten, books that might never see the light of day again..guess I have a lot of catching up to do huh.

Well, I certainly wouldn't mind having the luxury to take a year off to read tho! But I'll have to continue adding to my book collection; I Need that tax rebate ;)

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Good Morning

It's 9am and I'm up. That can't be. I am not programmed to wake up at 9 on weekends... :/

Yeah, I'm in that accidental mode again..

Probably gotta start learning this *Om, Om, Om