Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ip Man

I don't always go to cinemas for Chinese movies coz to me, they're not really worth it; lower budget, shorter duration, etc. It may not be so though jst kinda stereotyped by me d. However there is one type of chinese movie that I will definitely watch in cinemas - anything with Takeshi Kaneshiro in it :P

That aside, I do watch selected historical-kungfu-action-war-epic chinese movies the likes of Red Cliff, Warlords - both coincidentally had Takeshi in it which was like an extra bonus - Fok Yun Kap, etc. The most recent that I watched was Ip Man. Pronounced as Ip Mon with similar sound as 'Y-ip' and 'Mon-day', NOT I-P MAN lol (one fren was wondering how come so many "man-man-man" shows nowadays ar, we have Yes, Man and now I-P Man...)

I like Ip Man. The storyline, the actions, the slight humor blended in very well. Donnie Yen was awesome in his role as Ip Man. I was a little taken aback at the violence in one of the scenes but I know it was a must for the movie. I was a tad disappointed that there wasn't a really, really nasty fight to end things - sth along the lines of good guy fought bad guy, bad guy beat up good guy but good guy triumphed over bad guy - typical I know but just to make it more intriguing. But it's ok, its very, very minor and overall I still found the movie ichiban..duration was kinda short too nevertheless it was an exciting and interesting 1.5hrs ride.

Looking forward to Red Cliff II and more Takeshi ;)

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Eng Seng said...

Luckily, your friend didn't say that this is the sequel to I, Robot...

I haven't seen Ip Man yet, but so far I heard good reviews about it.

Oh yeah, Fearless was good. Jet Li fighting Europeans and Japanese = awesome! =)

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up to the artistic creator. I really liked the way Yip Mun moves with his Wing Chun fighting styles. Ya, was a bit bloody (hey, it's rated 18 PG okay... haha). Was having some thoughts of learning up Wing Chun. So cool ~~~

Catherine said...

Ooh you should watch though I heard they actually censored quite a bit in the cinema :S

haha, learn up wing chun eh..who knows, maybe u'll be the nxt sifu :P

Mindy said...

I usually don't like shows like this but Yin How does. After reading your blog, I recommended it to him. I actually got hooked on half way through the movie and the fighting scenes are really good. 2 thumbs up!

Catherine said...

Yes, really good eh!

I jst re-watched on dvd and they do have a couple of extra scenes which nvr got to show on cinema..nth gory, nth bloody, jst normal scenes but dunno why they censored it on screen :S

luckily though nth too important that will jeopardise the show but at least they did made me understood the movie even better :)

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