Sunday, September 09, 2007

Can I interest you in a dessert this evening?

Something special prepared by a rat maybe...

Yup, it's none other than RAT-PATOOTIE. Oops..I meant - must have been the Chardonnay - the latest animated feature film by Disney/Pixar, the creator of other animated productions such as Finding Nemo (2003), The Incredibles (2004), and Cars (2007).

Arguably the best film of 2007, it's the story about Remy, a rat who lives in France, has a great sense of taste and smell, who not only loves good food but is a great little chef as well. A series of mishaps later, Remy finds himself separated from his clan (including his father, Django, and cute brother, Emile), and ending up in Paris, home of the finest restaurants and greatest chefs in the world. He soon find himself in his hero, Auguste Gusteau's namesake restaurant, a 5-star restaurant once but is now a so-so 3-star. Here he teams up with Linguini, the garbage boy-turned-chef but who does not possess any culinary skills, and the two formed a bizzarre alliance to become the greatest chef in Paris.

There is one mishap after another throughout the entire adventure but every single one of them brings laughter to the viewers, tickling them funny. With a fantastic plot, humourous dialogues, mouth-watering recipes, and most captivating of all, jaw-dropping visuals, Ratatouille sure is cinema-worthy (even better when you get a buy1-free-1 deal@8bucks like I did =þ) for both kids and adults alike. let me get back to staring out at Paris from my monitor.

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Anonymous said...

drunk drinker.....
but i like tat movie... lots of hidden story

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Ratatouille yet, but I heard that it was good.

This entry is a movie review, not a food review, right? Luckily... As I happen to be starving right now =P

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