Friday, December 25, 2009

It's a CAKE christmas!

I've had log cake, fruit cake, Chicago cheesecake, Tiramisu, "almost" blueberry cheese cake (which got overruled) ...

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Monday, December 07, 2009


The countdown to the world's most beautiful game June 2010 has officially begun. And that means we're gonna be surrounded by news, articles, advertisements, name it, they've got it.

Mine comes in the form of an email from Emirates airline. Have you booked your package for the 2010 FIFA World Cup? Apparently they are offering an all-inclusive package ie flights, match tickets, accommodations and transfers to and from the stadium. All you need to do is sign up, select your package and let them worry about the rest. No hassle, no fuss, just need your Visa or MasterCard.

Curious how much a trip will cost, I tried booking...

Page 1: Package search
You get to select your base camp ie the city where you will stay and it doesn't have to be some "ulu" place just because your selected match is gonna be conducted there. Uh-uh, you can stay wherever you want in S. Africa and you will be transferred (by road or by AIR) to and from your matches. Very convenient I must say..

Which team? England (if it wasn't already obvious)
Which match? England vs USA
Base camp? Cape Town
(where all 2012 survivors will head and it's not called cape of good hope for nothing)
Class of travel? Okla just economy will do.
Hotel? 2 star or more (cheapest choice avail.)

A Please wait, we're searching to find you the best deals later...

Page 2: Hotel selection
5 choices of hotels ranging from 2stars to 5stars:

I din go further. There isn't a need, not after a look at the starting prices!

Suddenly it hit me. How much am I actually paying for the match tix alone? And what feng-shui seat will I be getting? What if they just assign me some crappy-nobody-wants-to-buy seat (though I believe it's gonna be packed), 3 stories high from the field and players look like dots scurrying around but charge me with a crazy amount? I want my money's worth!

Turns out there was nothing to be concerned about. The FAQ states

Q. What type of match tickets are on offer? Are they premium seats
within the stadium?

A. The Emirates 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa packages provide CAT01 tickets for all matches, at any of the participating stadiums. Please see diagram below depicting CAT01 seating in blue.

Premium seats they are indeed.

And right below that, a question catches my eye:

Q. I want to watch the game but my wife doesn't. Can I buy part of the ticket?


Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

Went to watch this a few weeks back and I found it pretty touching. A genetic disorder caused Henry to time travel randomly. He cannot control the place or the time period. It could be the future or it could be the past. He met his future wife one day who already loved him all her life as Clare first met Henry as a child. And the film is about how they both tried their best to lead normal lives and the challenges they faced.

The ending was kinda sad which was what made the movie so moving. And they told me the ending's different in the book and that it was better than the movie's. I've not read the book yet although I'm not sure if a happy ending is what I would prefer. Cause well in life, not everything gets a happily ever after. And they serve to remind us to never take anything for granted.

Oh, and did I say that the film took place in Chicago? Ahh..the skyline brought on a sense of familiarity and it felt good :)

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