Saturday, July 04, 2009

A Pleasant Mistake

Mr Chong from my Spore industrial training days called me today. By mistake. What are the odds that it was my number he accidentally dialed.

I was surprised to see his name appearing on the caller id. First tot that came to mind was "Is he in Pg??" But the first thing he said when I answered was "Xia lai le, wo men jai canteen" (Come down now, we are at the canteen) LOL, I was like stunned for a second before I told him you got the wrong person all the way in Pg-ler! He was as startled and had wondered about the different dialing tone not to mention the caller tune that I set but not for a second did he tot about hanging up that instance to recheck the number :)

We ended up chatting and catching up for a bit seeing that it had been years since we last spoken. It was great to hear from him as he was the friend cum boss who really looked after us trainees back then (and the only one we still kept in touch with instead of our real boss :P) He'd been bz (working on a saturday believe it or not) but I've asked him to join Facebook. Dat's where everyone he knows is and it'll be the easiest way to stay in touch while keeping him up with the current trend ;)

Fate sometimes throws you a surprise when you least expected it. And I'm glad it happened the way it did. :D

Now let's just hope Mr Chong remembers to sign up to Facebook.....

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Unagi said...

what a pleasant surprise call from him uh! talking bout him reminds me our old good days back in SG. my last time meeting him was last yr this time when i had a transit in SG. it was vy kind of him to come pick me up from airport and lepak outside for few hours with me before my next connecting flight.
maybe we need to remind him to sign up facebook. remember how many times we taught him to be on MSN??? lol

Catherine said...

haha yeah, a good way to walk dwn memory lane :D
He did mentioned meeting you up on your way to US too and oh yeah, I still remembered how hard we tried before he finally got on MSN but sadly I don't think he logs in anymore coz I've nvr seen him online in ages!

And I've sent him an email to join Facebook and I'll make sure to send reminder emails if he doesn't! LOL

jun6 said...

haha!sometimes unexpected situation get our life more surprise and fun. About tomorrow, y we shud still think too much? Everything just maybe come from accidentally(纯属意外).So, Just let's our days full of small surprise.;D

Catherine said...

True, little pleasant surprises can really make someone's day :)

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