Thursday, March 27, 2008

Music & Lyrics

Music & LyricsDuring the long weekend, apart from dim sum for breakfast, the usual gym/book-reading/game-playing/facebook-ing/anime-watching routines, quadruple hours lost in the Times Bookstore Clearance Sale, free seafood dinner @ Tambun and one Easter-sort-of celebration on Sunday morning, I manage to squeeze in an old movie; Music & Lyrics. Released by Warner Bros in 2007, it stars Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore as Alex Fletcher and Sophie Fisher respectively.

Alex is a former pop star, one half of the once-famous 80's group, "POP!". Interestingly the movie kicks off with a music video of the group performing their famous song yet, "Pop! Goes My Heart". LOL you should see their dance moves and boy, can they gyrate their hips!

Anyway, Pop! disbanded when the other lead singer chose to go solo. 15 years down the road, Alex is now reduced to performing hits at lowly venues(think high school reunions and theme parks). The has-been still has some followings though - middle-age females fans! In a move to revive his career and recapture his former glory, he agrees to write a song called "Way Back Into Love" for the music industry's current it-girl, Cora Corman (Haley Bennett). However, Alex was never good when it comes to lyrics as he is usually only responsible to compose the melodies for Pop! back in the heydays. Headache, headache, headache...

In comes Sophie who waters the plants at Alex's house. (I didn't know you could make a part time job out of watering plants at Sophie & Alex trying to compose Way Back Into Lovepeople's apartments..hmm..*note to self, potential source of income :þ) Sophie, a former creative writing student, just mumbles the words out one day when she hears Alex over the piano, busy trying to compose his song. And since they sound way way better that what Alex has in hand, he decides to ask for Sophie's assistance. Thus began their collaboration which of course sparks romance while producing a commendable song as well.

A lovely movie that gives you quite a good laugh as well as lets you enjoy some delightful songs. From the catchy pop song to the romantic love song, I'm sure you'll be downloading the soundtrack in no time! LOL and I'm surprised to see Hugh Grant playing a pop star. He always gave me the impression of a much duller persona albeit capable of comical moments, what with him in movies like 4 Weddings & A Funeral, Notting Hill, etc. so it was an eye opener to see him in tight pants gyrating away. Plus he sings alrite too! Drew Barrymore, on the other hand, is her usual quirky self and plays Sophie to perfection.

Here, see the "music video" for yourselves ;)

Also the lovely Way Back Into Love. Enjoy!

hmm..thanx to Tango, I'd just realized that the song above is just a 30sec preview. I guess coz I was the one who uploaded song thus had no problem listening to the full song. Anyway, I'll post a youtube clip of the said song so now you can enjoy the full version and the clip too :)

Another song worth mentioning would be "Don't Write Me Off". Its lyrics is totally meaningful and cute but I guess you will only feel so if you follow the movie from the start. Just like how sometimes you watch a show and then gets addicted to the's that feeling at that particular moment ;)

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tango said...

Even though the storyline sounds normal, I think it is still a nice movie to watch. I totally enjoy the song!

Thanks for sharing!

Catherine said...

Yup..story is simple and straightforward. A nice story doesn't have to be complicated..

Haha glad you enjoyed the song, thanx for the little PR raised :P

tango said...

of course la...I enjoy the song because that is what I am doing now...LOL...

Anonymous said...

glad tat u like tat movie...

Catherine said...

thanks to you - again ;)

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