Saturday, October 23, 2010

Charlie St. Cloud

Everything was going pretty well for Charlie; a sailing scholarship to Stanford, a bright future, and a very close bond with his younger brother, Sam. But all these changed overnight; a car accident and the death of Sam. Fast forward to five years later and we see Charlie as the caretaker of the cemetery where Sam now lies. Everyone seems to think he is a little cuckoo-ed; talking to dead people, playing catch every night with Sam like nothing has changed. 

Then a girl (it's always a girl, eh?) and Charlie is torn between honoring his promise or letting go. 

The storyline is kinda predictable and no prizes for guessing which option he chose. But this does not mean the story is bad. Rather, the story makes us realize our own mortality and how painful it can be to lose someone. And that you'll just have to learn to trudge along alone (or unless a girl/boy comes along :þ). However, there's practically zero character development and other than Charlie, Sam, and Tess, other characters are pretty much forgettable. Especially the mum (Kim Bassinger), completely dismissible. 

Other plus points though: 

  • The seaside town where the movie is set is simply gorgeous (even the cemetery is beautiful somewhat), and
  • Zac Efron's good looks *winks

My Rating:

2 tots:

frostier said... were u the Sam or Charlie? or the girl that came along?

Catherine said...

none of them..
ain't charlie though i used to live by the sea, ain't sam coz i'm not 6ft underground (yet), and nope, i've not "come along" into someone's life like dat....

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