Monday, August 29, 2011

Muntri Mews

So it was my birthday and I had a bad cough thus Soo Huey was supposed to bring me out for "Khor Teh" or Bitter Tea, a chinese tea remedy for those feeling under the weather, having a sore-throat or a cough. We decided to have brunch first at Moon Tree; which I will hopefully cover in a future post for the lack of pictures. I was too busy enjoying my bacon sandwich, bruschetta, and honey lemon tea as well as the relaxing, quiet environment that is Moon Tree.

We ended up only having the tea some other night but we did discover a cozy, grand place for desserts that cloudy afternoon. Conveniently, it was just a few pre-war buildings away from Moon Tree.

Muntri Mews cafe is a lovely place for a peaceful and cooling afternoon - it's air conditioned - where one can sit sipping tea, snacking on nyonya kuih-s while admiring the beautifully landscaped surroundings with shady tropical plants dancing in the breeze. Not to forget the heritage picture books of Penang and portraits of her people in a basket to be perused at the pleasure of customers.

Some pictures of the Mews' special tiramisu and some jaw-dropping cum funny moments later, we noticed that Muntri Mews was not just only a cafe. In fact, the cafe is actually part of a boutique hotel with a gated area only for in-house guests. Checking out the rooms was a great idea because it really was pretty sight. The rooms were spacious and very elegantly decorated with local antiques and paraphernalia. I managed to grab the pamphlet on my way out which not only introduced Muntri Mews, it was also a map of Penang with a list of interesting places to visit and recommended eateries.

And according to the pamphlet, Muntri Mews only comes with 9 suites thus "creating a feeling of intimate conviviality but also allowing for the privacy when desired." No wonder the price per night is a bit steep (~RM300++) but for a tourist with a stronger currency, I would certainly recommend to give the place a try. I like the thoughts and details put into restoring the place (it was formerly a dilapidated row of Peranakan townhouse) making it into one of the more upscale and classy locations in the heart of George Town.

Would definitely revisit the place. Still have the unfinished picture books to flip through...☺

P/S: Mews apparently were private stables for horse carriages, with staff quarters upstairs, which then became garages for motor cars during the Edwardian era. --courtesy of the Muntri Mews pamphlet 

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Soo Huey said...

guess what! my aussie friends have booked to stay at muntri mews in october! too bad i'll be in KL, if not can visit them n check out the upstairs rooms too!

u know what i just realised, u so busy capturing all the photos everywhere we go (except Moon Tree) that i suspect whether u really checked out the room at Muntri Mews. everytime sempat take photo, then sempat really check out the place properly meh??

Catherine said...

wow, u recommended muntri mews to them? haha ya too bad you won't be around..

and of coz i did check out the place only can take pic from the nicest angles ma *ahem, ahem XD

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