Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Winning Shot

Well, not exactly first prize.

Won 6th place to be exact. A winning shot nonetheless, seeing that it was a win in my first ever photography & caption contest.

I don't usually participate in contests where I have to crack my head for slogans - I'm not creative like that. This one was a little different, maybe because it looked and sounded easier than all other contests. Oh, and did I mention the grand prize was a return air tix + 4D3N accommodations to Switzerland? (That sure got me seating up straight..)

Anyways, in conjunction with French Language Week 2013, all I had to do was take a shot of a building or a signage or a billboard, anything basically, that has a French word on it - name of a shop for example - and make a caption of the photo utilizing the French word. Piece of cake, isn't it?

Wait till you have to round almost the entire Penang in search for a shop with a French name, like I did. There were a few shops with French names though the challenge was not only to get a decently nice shot of the shop but to find one with a name that I could use to make a creative-sounding caption!

What I did was to capture the photos first and figure out the caption later. This way I would have a variety of words to select from for my "best" caption. And so began a French shop scouting adventure for me - La Vanille, Les Memoirs, Alliance Française, La France, Mon Délice Patisserie ....yes, I'll be able to tell you where they all are now *winks

Submitted just in time before the deadline. Yup, to be honest I did everything 2 days before it was due. Shuey even watsapp-ed me a photo she took in KL when I told her I might pass because I was lazy to go hunting. It was nice of her though I probably wouldn't have won if I had used her "less-than-sharp" photo, if you know what I mean LOL [no offence, Shuey!]

At the end of the day, well, I may not have gotten that Switzerland trip but I did win a products and treatment pax worth RM500. And I'm glad I won the 6th place rather than say the 4th spot, which was 1 free term of French classes at the French Alliance KL. Now, that would most definitely have gone to waste as I am presently already doing a wobbly juggling act with my weekly French classes, not to mention that KL isn't exactly 5 mins drive from where I live...

So if you are curious to know, here's yours truly's humble submission - nothing fancy really..

Till the next easy contest, au revoir! ^^

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