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Zoo Vet 2 - Endangered Animals

Zoo Vet 2 - Endangered AnimalsTrue to the title, you joined the zoo as their veterinarian. Your task: to treat the endangered animals including elephants, lions, zebras, crocodiles, polar bears, chimps, and many more.

Zoo MapBase on the map, you go around to those animals needing treatments.

Panda suffering from hair loss and lesionsUsing realistic medical tools, you examine, perform tests and finally provide the required treaments. Treatments could be in the form of oral medications, ointments, IV meds, or a jab of the needle. Sometimes you will also need to conduct operations on the animals especially when fractures or tumours are involved. There's even a case of swallowed pennies!

Blood test Performing the blood test
Need to knows

Being a vet means you have to know what constitute to a low, normal, or high respiration rate / temperature for each animal...and mind you, not all animals have the same normal bpm either.

Fecal TestGet your hands dirty, do the fecal test i.e collecting the faeces for testing, as well as urine..

Urine test

Oral medsSometimes all the animal needs is some pills..
Othertimes you might be ask what type of meds to provide ..should it be antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, deworming, pain relief, sedative or etc?

Removing an ingrown clawCase of the ingrown claw. We'll need to trim the claw and remove it using a forcep. However, we're not done just yet, there's still the wound to take care of.

Making an incisionTime to operate. From using a scalpel to make an incision to stitching wounds, you'll have to make sure everything is done correctly otherwise you might just get a message from the chief and have to restart the level; "This isn't the time for experiment. Remember these animals need you to cure them"

You are given a score to check how you do at each level. Failing to hit a certain score and you'll need to restart the level. Overall, it's a pretty interesting game and perhaps this is as close as you can get to these animals unless of couse, you are working for real in a zoo ;)
Otter with an injured tail

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