Monday, August 25, 2008

Project MOV3: Crystal Decos

Learnt a new word layout effect this evening so decided to post it up as well. Which one do you think is better? :)

I received a mushroom-shaped misty lamp from my friends on my birthday (Mushroom-shaped coz they know I love all kinds of mushrooms :P)

Fairytale Fairytale2

So I tried out the lamp in my new room and WOW, the effect was fabulous. My room was transformed in an instance and I vowed to use this lamp in my room from then onwards :D [Thank peeps for the prezzie and you guys don't have to worry, I love the lamp and it fits in the room perfectly *winks]

Well, couldn't waste the nice lighting yeah so what better to do then to take pictures with my crystal collection as models. Believe me, I took the pix on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Thanx to newly installed roman blinds, my room is kinda dark even during the day. Hopefully next time, I can programme my brain to delay my waking time during the weekends hehe.

Longing Learning to Fly

And with the current digital scrapbooking craze, here are more scrapbook pages to go with it. Thanks to ExpressYourself kit by Ronna Penner, and Colorful Memories kit by Debbie & Laura ;)

Beautiful Fairytale Apple of my Eye

Click images for bigger view. Or see more pix here :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BirdieSays "Win a Mug!"

Read this post by Ciyou featuring cute hand-drawn mugs. Better still, the artist herself is giving away a free birdie mug! All you need to do is to write a post about the giveaway, linking to her post of coz while selecting your favourite mug. She will randomly select a winner (or two) at the end of the due date and voila, the lucky winner gets a free mug!

I think it's really sweet and nice of her to even think of giving away her beautiful mugs in the first place. So I went to check out her site and boy, is it super cute! She is one talented lady with portfolios ranging from blog designs, website designs, logo and stationeries amongst others. I am awed at how the wonders of the world wide web can link everyone together and allow us to discover lovely stuff we'd never thought existed, sometimes unexpectedly. A case of Serendipity at its best!

Having said that, I ought to give the hand-drawn mug giveaway a try :). Here's my favourite; "Just For Princesses" :D I find it really cute and girlie. The lil princess holding a birdie, the color scheme and the fonts just go perfectly together..

Want to try your luck? Check out her post here for more details :)

Meanwhile, I'm off praying hard and hopefully this birthday gal here might just have a teeny, weeny bit of luck :P (hehe yup, the clock's just strucked 12am!)

Digital scrapbooking, here I come!

I've always find scrapbooking interesting, the way how you can transform a common photograph into something extraordinary with eye-catching decorations full of beautiful colors. However, suprisingly I've never ventured into scrapbooking. Why?

People who know me would know that I love cute stationeries but will never have the heart to use them lol.."JUST FOR KEEPS ONLY". Plus I'm bad at art (the reason why I never went into arts stream in f4 was because I wanted to avoid the art subject while most ppl were just trying to avoid accounts!) Which is why I've never touched scrapbooking as I dared not take the risk (I'm not a risk taker) of cutting the oh-so-pretty stationeries and arranging them into colourful pages. I was sure it will not turn out nice...Also, this is definitely not one cheap hobby.

Then I discover DIGITAL scrapbooking and my, my, it is a dream come true! Number one, I can get countless materials, ideas, inspirations on the web, what more at a little or no cost at all. Believe me, there's a whole world of scrapbookers out there. Number two, I don't have to worry about crappy "artwork" because I can delete them anytime and start all over again without actually wasting any nice! I believe I will be addicted to it if I am not already so :D

Dinner@Miraku scrap pageBut of coz with digital scrapbooking, you can't actually touch or feel the materials. However, it will definitely help polish the scrapbooking skills plus you can actually see how your ideas will turn out before putting them on actual paper ;)

Here's my first attempt at digital scrapbooking, which features pictures from the Aug Meet-up @ Miraku. Click on the pic for a larger version or check it out at my facebook :)

Not bad for a first timer I hope... :P

To give credit where one is due, this scrap page uses the Friendship collection kit courtesy of .Nayyan. Thanx a bunch!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Aug Meet-up @ Miraku

Miraku Restaurant @ G Hotel

Met up with the girls last Saturday. The side reason was to celebrate Pat, Ee Lyn as well as yours truly's bdays but the main thing was to catch up. We planned this 3 weeks ago actually LOL, yup, that's how "bz" some of us are....

The venue was Miraku Restaurant @ G Hotel. Peen fwded us the brochure and the set meals caught our eyes! The prices were kinda OK too seeing that it was a restaurant in a hotel..

Fast fwd and we were all sitting at the table waiting for our meals to come..noticeably missing was Peen :P - she was still doing facial then I guess..keke. We had a hard time deciding what to order as some of us felt the portions looked huge and we might not finish it on our own. Also, each set meal comes with appetizers and desserts.

Appetizers Dessert

Shu-Yin and I decided to share the Miraku Gozen and ala-carte dish, Futomaki. Pat and Karen shared the mini version of Miraku Gozen, the Sushi Zen which comes with assorted sushi as well as two temakis.

Miraku Gozen had everything common in a Japanese meal..there's sashimi, assorted nigiri sushi, tempura, grilled fish (which both Shu-Yin and I didn't know how to eat till "clean-clean" coz both of us have our nitemares of fish bones stucked in our throats when we were young! *ouch), miso soup, chawan mushi, salad, red-bean jellies, etc.

Miso Soup & Chawan Mushi Futomaki

Futomaki on the other hand was hand-rolled sushi with a bunch of ingredients..unagi, kanpyo, denbu, etc. The description was what made us ordered in the first place - we wanted our money's worth :P - And indeed it was..huge roll cut into 8-pieces and was the yummiest dish of the night for me :D

The rest of the dishes were OK. Ee Lyn gave her Tori Teriyaki Zen a 3 or 4 out of 10 only. However service wise was kinda bad. We were like invisible guests that night. No one waiter /waitress came on their own to refill our teas. We had to ask every single time...!

Overall it was a fun night out. And we have decided to make this a once-a-mth thing with each of us taking turns to organize as well as to suggest the makan place. Next is Shu-Yin's turn!

My Rating: (for the food + service)

P/S: For more pix, check out the photo album in my facebook ;)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Project MOV3 - Time to accessorize...

Moved some stuff, namely my accessories (plus some for the room too), over to the new place yesterday. Nothing much to blog about actually..more like an opportunity for me to try out some Photoshop effects :P

Neccessary accessories

All that glitters

Painting Time

More pix here