Sunday, March 30, 2008

MiNdBOx - Little Love Song

I was introduced to a new song last Friday and now I just can't seem to get it out of my mind! It has definitely skyrocketed to the number one spot on my playlist.

Xiao Qing Ge or directly translated as Little Love Song is sung by Taiwanese band, Sodagreen (Su Da Lv). Yup, the band is new to me too although they are not newcomers in Taiwan's music scene as they'd released at least 3 albums from as early as 2001 as well as winning multiple prestigious awards. Somehow they have escaped my music radar...

Anyway, Sodagreen is an indie Taiwan group consisting of 6 members (an acoustic guitar, 2 electric guitars - the bassist happens to be the only female of the group, a drummer, a violinist/keyboardist, a vocalist.) One thing is for sure, they are all young :P - back in 2005, they were either university graduates or still students of local Taiwan unis.

So what makes this band so special? Well, for one, the vocalist has a very unique voice that some said sounded like a female's, contributing to the band's unique sound. Also, their pleasant melodies and simple lyrics are kinda refreshing. Their music video for Xiao Qing Ge is rather creative, making use of ink wall drawings. But what I love the most is the overall melody, goes perfectly with that voice! Enjoy...

zhe shi yi shou jian dan de xiao qing ge
(This is a simple little love song)
chang zhe ren men xing chong de qu zhe
(Singing about the complications of people's hearts)
wo xiang wo hen kuai le
(I think I am very happy)
dang you ni de wen re
(When I had your warmth)
jiao bian de kong qi zhuan le
(the air by my feet turned)

zhe shi yi shou jian dan de xiao qing ge
(This is a simple little love song)
chang zhe wo men xing tou de bai ge
(Singing about the white doves in our hearts)
wo xiang wo hen shi he
(I think I am very suitable)
dang yi ge ge song zhe
(to be singing odes)
qing chun zhai feng zhong piao zhe
(Youth is fluttering in the wind)

ni zhi dao jiu suan da yu rang zhe zhuo chen shi dian dao
(Do you know, even if heavy rains turned the city upside down)
wo hui gei ni huai bao
(I will give you my embrace)
shou bu liao kan zian ni bei ying lai dao
(Can't tolerate watching your back)
xie xia wo du miao ru nian nan ai de li sao
(I wrote down the unending misery of leaving)

jiu suan zheng ge shi jie bei ji muo bang piao
(Even if the entire world is held ransom by loneliness)
wo ye bu hui beng pao
(I will not run away)
tao bu liao zhui hou shui ye dou zhang lao
(Can't escape, in the end everyone grows old)
xie xia wo shi jian he qing shen jiao cuo de cheng bao
(I wrote down how time and music harmonize into a castle)

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tango said...

Huyooo...this is one of my all time favorite songs too! It has been on top of my playlist for quite some time now. For me, what is unique about the vocalist's voice is he is like singing through his nose. Of course, his 'unique-sex' voice attracts me too.

If you like this song, then there is another song of this band which you will definitely like to hear. Let me send to you on Monday.

Bravo! Bravo!

Catherine said...

yeah..i have a few songs by them now too but so far none could beat xiao qing ge..

let's see if you have one that can ;)

Anonymous said...

told u it's nice....

Catherine said...

haha thanx lo. Still the girl spoilt the "wo de wei lai bu shi meng" song ler :P

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Catherine said...

thank you for that! hopefully my creativity juice keeps flowing ;)