Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Kite Runner (Film)

The Kite RunnerI have finally watched the much anticipated movie, The Kite Runner, last weekend. First and foremost, the storyline does stay true to the book with only a few minor details left out and secondly, the kite flying competition is creatively brought to life here. And ..... that's about it.

Unlike the book (read review here), the film lacked the emotional substance to grip the audience. Yes, we see the friendship of Amir and Hassan, we see the torture inflicted on Hassan, we see how Amir, in his guilt, made Hassan leave their house to avoid having to face him anymore, we see Amir returning to Kabul 15 years later because "there is a way to be good again", we see how Afghanistan is under the Taliban's rule, and how adulterers are punished - "what do we do to those who throw stones at Allah's home?"...

Yes, we are merely seeing. Unlike when I was reading the book, it feels like I am just skimping the surface of a pond here, just going through the motions. I believe if I had not read the book first, I might even be a tad confuse with the events that unfolded. Somehow they lack smooth continuations and the characters lack a certain flare that otherwise would breath life into the movie. Even the words "For you, a thousand times over", which moved me so much in the book, sound weak in the show.

I would usually recommend watching a movie first before reading the book it was based on (think LOTR) so as to save the grey matter from having to imagine it all out. In this case, I would totally recommend the opposite as you will need to unearth the emotions you felt while reading the book in order to sit through the film. And nop, there is no need to stop for a breather to wipe those tears this time around.

Overall the movie is ok. Only the book was considerably better. Guess (motion) pictures don't always speak a thousand words ....

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