Tuesday, November 08, 2011

China House

Blogging on the scene...now that sounds kinda interesting to me. Shuey gave me the idea when she asked if I was doing just that when we first reached. Ok in truth, I might not have actually completed the entire post in China House itself but not too bad for a first try, right? *winks

So here I am on a rainy Monday evening inside China House, with English Breakfast (they ran out of camomile and earl grey, can you believe that?), a tiramisu and a Vietnamese tart  to keep me company. Oh and Shuey too of coz, though mostly we are keeping each other company only by our physical presence with minds in our own worlds.

a section for just about everyone

It's actually my 3rd visit here already; the most to any of the cafes around Penang. I think China House kinda has it all. From casual breakfasts to quick lunches to cozy teas to fine-dining dinners, you can do all that here. There are even different sections in this pre-war house that cater for the different needs. Not to mention rooms for private functions and a lounge area surrounded by all types of wine. And if you are the bookworm type like me, you'll like the back area where there are shelves filled with books and magazines for you to browse as you enjoy a cuppa and a dessert or two.

Did I mention that they are quite famous for their desserts with an unusual tiramisu cake made with kahlua topping the list? I was here for lunch once and sitting right across the cake counter and my-oh-my, the tiramisu was down to the last piece in no time (there were like 4-5 pieces when I first sat down).

breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between

Even though the place is called China House, don't expect the menu to be Chinese Chinese, if you know what I mean. They are more leaning towards western fusion. While there is not a long list of dishes to choose from, their breakfast/lunch menu does served up till 6pm. For dinner apparently there are 2 options; either the fine-dining way where you will be seated in the more posh-ly decorated area with nice china, drinking glasses and cutlery, or the common area where the all-day dining are served. I've not personally tried the fine-dining menu yet but I'll keep you updated if and when I have the opportunity to check that out ;)

For myself, I've tried their brunch of beans & lamb sausage with egg, toasts, and caramelized onion (very filling!), their lunch of roasted chicken with vinaigrette salad (tasty), and their dinner of vegetarian spaghetti (done in a nyonya-ish way with bunga kantan or ginger flower; an interesting recipe) and chicken mushroom pie (what you'd expect of a pie except it was on the house *yay).

for the art lovers

There is also an upstairs gallery where artworks of local artists are on display for sale so one can have a quick look-around after their meals before they leave. Interestingly, China House has two entrances, each facing a different road so the building is actually a combination of 3 heritage buildings. I've yet to explore till the other end entrance but right in between is an open-air courtyard with greenery but also an empty pool. My thoughts, if they spruce the place up with better landscaping, it could do wonders.

Lastly, China House reminds me of Kopi Cine and if my observations are correct, they are sister cafes. The tables at both cafes have clipped-on mahjong papers, each with a glass of crayons for the diners to draw on, and the teapots used are similar stainless steel pots. And if those aren't enough, the China House menu even has "Kopi C" as a header. But you decide...☺

Updated Nov 10th, 2011: Apparently China House is the new Kopi Cine relocated from the old place at Stewart Lane.


153 & 155 Beach Street,
Georgetown, Penang.

The other entrance:
183B Victoria Street,
Georgetown, Penang.

Tel: +604-2637299