Thursday, March 18, 2010

One morning in Rome

I woke up to specks of white raining down from the sky and it actually did not register in my mind immediately (blame it on lack of sleep maybe). A few seconds later, it dawned on me;

"It's snowing! It's Snowing! It's S-N-O-W-I-N-G!!"

Yes, I'd never seen snow before and I had not expected it to come so suddenly. Pretty heavy snow too in fact. The evening news was all about it. Apparently it was extremely unusual for snow to fall in Rome - in fact, the last time the capital saw any significant snowfall was back in 1986! - livinginrome

Was I lucky or what?

Mind you, it was freakingly COLD that day. But we had no time to waste as it was our last day in the capital with a lot to cover still; Path of Illuminati being the mission.

So with our teeth clenched, we bravely ventured onward...

P/S: Oh and you cannot believe how umbrella sellers just popped up everywhere. A small umbrella could cost you €5! That's when your bargaining skills is put to test and you might just get it for €3. Not much difference it seems but multiply that by 5 and you'll see the significance.

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CK said...

fuyoh... must be really nice~~~

terrell teh said...

after see these photos..this song keep repeating in my mind... :p

naega utgo-shipul-ttaemada non / narul / uroborige mandunikka..

Winter Sonata - Choumputo Chigumkkaji

Catherine said...

nice but brrrrr cold!

ar? winter sonata pulak? dat's korea la..hmm nvr been there yet :P

jun6 said...

U're the 1 really lucky!=)Recently hav alot of unusual phenomena.Luckily U met the snow, my fren experienced wif earthquake in Taiwan last month.;)

Catherine said...

2012 coming? :P

earthquake, now that is one thing i don't want to experience!
hope everything was fine for your friend :)

mELbiEpiE said...

ROME~!!!!!!! Nice....

SNOW~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome~!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I must go to Rome one day. Hopefully I'll bring you along so that I could experience the snow :)

Catherine said...

hahaha yes it was double awesome seeing that it was so unexpected :D

yeah one day, one day..haha ya bring me along, i hide in ur luggage kekeke
now makan rumput first

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