Sunday, June 26, 2011

iPhone: Bonnie's Brunch

Anyone who is a fan of time management games would be familiar with the Diner Dash franchise as well as all the "tycoon" games out there. But we are not going there today. Instead I am talking about the new game in the iPhone world: Bonnie's Brunch.

Here we play Bonnie, an aspiring baker who also loves to travel. And what could be better than receiving a food truck on her birthday. Now, she can do both; travelling while serving delicious brunches to her customers along the way. Did I mention her chosen destination is none other that Paris, the City of Lights? [that alone had me adding double points to the game *winks]

At each level, there will be customers (young & old) queuing and placing their orders. You then tap the ordered food item on to a plate and drag it to the said customer. As the level increases so does the difficulties. The range of food items expands; from mere plain croissants and bagels, you now have to topped it with honey/cream/ketchup depending on the customers' preferences. Soon pancakes (of 2 different shapes) are added on, with drinks included, and ultimately we have sandwiches made of different type of breads [we sure have some fussy customers] and fillings (eggs, hams, cheese, lettuce, etc). Not only are the number of food items increasing, the speed and number of customers are too, with rush hours thrown in for good measure...until your fingers are a moving blur, just trying to keep up with the order and within the given time limit. Mind you, there are impatient customers who can't wait to throw tantrums when their orders are not met in time. There are also "customers" who might influence other customers' moods so you would want to attend to them first.

So what happens if you tap on the wrong combination of order? No worries, they can go into the recycle bin though it might waste a few precious seconds of your time to do that. Then, there are the bonus levels where you have an unending line of customers and you have to serve as many as you can in 60 80 seconds to hit the master (3 stars) level. More finger-a-moving-blur moments.

Bonnie's Brunch has lovely artworks, all colorful and cute, that goes down well with me. It also comes with cute sound effects and voice greetings. Gameplay wise it's not extremely challenging. You just need to be real quick on the fingers. There are similar games that are tougher; think Facebook's Sushi no Suki, which actually requires you to memorize exact ingredients to make the correct sushi (e.g 2 balls of rice and 1 piece of salmon to come out with a nigiri salmon.) Now that was crazy frenzy!

Also since Bonnie's Brunch was just released in early June 2011, it only came with 4 chapters with 10 stages each, which is considerably short for addicts like me who covered ~3 chapters in 1 morning. I really do look forward to more chapters coming our way. Oh, and just so you know, I don't play for the sake of playing. Just like Cut the Rope, I play for 3 stars all the way..LOL!

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