Friday, August 31, 2007

Start(ed) My Story

"Impossible is Nothing", that's Adidas tagline and there's even a whole campaign behind it featuring famous faces from the world of sports; David Beckham, Kaka, Muhammad Ali to name a few. They each have a story to tell about how they overcame their challenges. I'm posting David Beckham's story here but you should be able to see the others in YouTube:

Anyway, I found out that Adidas have further extended their campaign with a website to allow everyone to share their stories too. Which is kinda cool really as it is an interactive program where you can either choose Laila Ali or David Beckham to guide you in creating your own story. So I gave it a try (I'm sure it's obvious who I chose to guide me lol). First, Mr Beckham tells me that everybody needs a helping hand and he then introduces a little guy in a football attire (with no. 7 on it) who will help me with my story.

There are 3 parts to each story - What was your challenge? How did it end? What's your next challenge? Here it's all a white canvas and you can just let your creativity flow...there are colored pencils for you to draw stuff, write stuff, erase them if they don't look right the first time, and you can even click on the little guy to have him draw something for you. Very interesting. At the end of it, you can choose to save your story (together with a title) and it'll be in the startmystory gallery. You can preview it first too and I couldn't help smiling when I saw my end product...kekeke

Too bad we can't save the stories into a clip but you can always view mine here ;) [remember to allow popups in your browser]

Ready to start your story?

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