Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cafe 55

There is this new place in town.

Actually it's probably been around for a while but my rusty radar did not detect it until Shuey brought it up when the subject of where to eat next came up during our weekly lunch meet. Yup, we talk about what's for lunch in the coming week while we are still enjoying the current week's meal...

Cafe 55, also known as Coffee Atelier occupies the exact spot where the old Kopi Cine used to be. Confused with the dual names? Me too. So I went to do a little background research. Apparently Cafe 55 is part of Coffee Atelier; the latter being made up of 5 pre-war shophouses and the former taking up one of it. The other 4 comprises of 2 suites (all restored to their former glory and opened for short/long term stays), an art gallery, and Kopi, a coffee museum.

Sparsely decorated with paintings adorning the walls, the place was not overbearing, but neither was there much to shout about the ambiance and environment.

Cafe 55 offers a variety of food from breakfast menu to tapas, mains to desserts, as well as a selection of beverages and wines. We decided to order a sweet potato smoothie with smoked salmon, a bacon & mushroom carbonara spaghetti, and a vongole pasta.And as coffee lovers, coffee was definitely a must. So vital it was that coffee could possibly make or break recurrent visits.

Sadly the coffee did not meet our expectations and the time it took for the coffee to reach our tables (with only us and another table occupied at that moment) from the counter certainly did not help. The supposed-to-be-hot coffee had cooled and OEL complained her latte tasted as though it contained only milk. And if you are expecting fancy coffee art, nope, there were none.

The food on the contrary was presentable and pretty good. The sweet potato smoothie goes nicely with the taste of smoked salmon and baguette. The carbonara was sprinkled with lots of bacon pieces and sliced mushrooms (thumbs up from moi, the mushroom lover), and the vongole looked as if there were more clams than spaghetti.

Then came to settling the bill. We were actually  shocked at the price as we never thought the few things that we ordered could totaled up to that amount. Come to think of it, it's kinda pricey. And a glitch in their credit card payment system frustrated us further and caused us our plan to have dessert in a nearby place.

Overall, we agreed we might go back someday but coffee was definitely out of the question.

Coffee Atelier
47-55 Stewart Lane
George Town
10300 Penang, Malaysia

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