Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wedding Fever - Part1 (Wedding Dash)'s been a busy month of attending weekend wedding receptions & dinners. Finally, I've got my weekend back to procrastinate in front of the monitor...

Hmm...while wedding fever is still in the air, I'll review some wedding-related games that I'd been playing. Not as the bride of coz but as the friend cum wedding planner ;)

First, we have Wedding Dash, where we are introduced to Quinn (you'll be playing her), a bridesmaid who became an accidental wedding planner for the bride-in-need when the real planner bowed out at the near last minute. She then realized she's actually good at this and opted to make wedding planning her career. Those of you who are familiar with Diner Dash would click instantly with this game as it is actually a spin-off from the Diner Dash series and Flo (the character in Diner Dash) even made a few cameo roles in it.

Wedding Dash challenges Quinn to ensure the guests at wedding receptions are placed at the correct table and seated next to guests they have in mind (or not!), their gifts collected, and food (appetizers, entrees, desserts in the correct sequence) served. Moreover, Quinn is also responsible to take care of any untoward incidences such as breaking up catfights between bridemaids, putting out kitchen fires, as well as handling drunks or too emotional guests before they get out of control and catches the bride's attention who in-turn will morph from a sweet looking bride to a fire-breathing bridezilla!

Sounds like a tough job, eh? Well, if anyone can do it, YOU can! As a reward for a great job done, you earn cash which can be used for upgrading the table size, speed up the staff or gain more points, not to mention building up a reputation for yourself such that wedding job invitations that takes you on board a cruise ship, an island and even a castle come pouring in.

Also, there's a mini game before each new wedding lest you think it's just the usual routine, which you'll have to read about the likes and dislikes of the wedding couple and choose the correct food, cake and honeymoon to go with. For each correct selection, you earn an extra $100, bringing you nearer to the goal to complete the next level.

Wedding Dash stands out from the usual simulation games with an entertaining storyline as well as increasingly challenging weddings to run. But of course, you can't compare it to an actual wedding which usually takes up to a year to plan. Afterall, you can easily complete this one in a week!

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Coming up next: Wedding Fever - Part2 (Dreamday Wedding)

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