Sunday, January 27, 2013

iPhone: Bonnie's Brunch 2

Time to review this game in the midst of the long weekend. It has been backlogged for a while now and I feel a little guilty for not doing it earlier. Anyways, here goes my 2 cents...

Bonnie's Brunch 2, the sequel to Bonnie's Brunch (read my review here), was released sometime end of 2012. The game play stays true to its predecessor - serving a variety of brunches to customers while moving from place to place. The range of food items stays very much the same too; from croissants to bagels, tacos to hot-dogs  as well as sandwiches with different type of breads and fillings (hams, eggs, cheese, lettuce, sauces, etc). Even the type of customers do not deviate much. Though this time around, there is an impatient cute-looking alien who will not hesitate to electrocute your other customers if let to wait for too watch out.

And while the first game took place in France, leading to the City of Lights, Bonnie's Brunch 2 travels the USA, starting from The Big Apple. So we get to enjoy a different set of lovely artworks as we play. And if by chance you get tired of that, Bonnie's Brunch 2 now allows you to change the scenery with a background photo of your own. A little personalization feature but doesn't alter the game play in any way.

Also with Bonnie's Brunch 2, you can now make use of the coins you earned to buy "help" items - items that aim to assist you to achieve your goals much easily/quickly. To give you an idea, there's the Wealthy Candle (customer will give more tips), the Patient Music (increase customers' patience levels), the Speedy Power (speeds up your equipments; toasters and the likes of it), and a few others.

In truth, Bonnie's Brunch 2 might not be your cup of tea if you are expecting something entirely different. It'll work if you are a Bonnie's fan or if you are into this genre of time management games. Personally, I believe the difficulty level can and should be up a little more. I clearly did not have to try very hard to get 3-Star achievements in all levels. But I did make use of a couple of help items along the wasn't like I had any other place to spend my "hard-earned" gold coins, eh? *winks

One last note, there are a total of 8 chapters (10 levels per chapter) in Bonnie's Brunch 2 but only 6 are unlocked at the initial purchase. The remaining 2 chapters will have to cost another $0.99. Worthy or not, that's for you to decide.

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