Monday, January 01, 2018

2017 Was The Year

  • that was pretty smooth sailing - I think the cruise trip really helped set the tone. Trio from the Amies d'enfance group finally did a holiday together and a 4D3N cruise to Phuket-Krabi too. While the food and sights could have been better, the laughter and companionship were priceless..and THAT double leg massages!
  • The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars officially ended. Suddenly I no longer had a bunch of series to follow yet I didn't feel the urge to start any new series...*gasp is my tv phase phasing out? Well, Supernatural is going strong at the moment. And definitely GoT. Walking Dead however kinda lost a little steam even more so after learning that Carl's gonna die (from reading spoilers..oops) 
  • of travel yoga. I made a commitment to myself to find time for yoga every time I was away, be it a short trip to Langkawi or a longer trip to the States. Even if it meant waking up at 6am to practice on deck, or to go to a secluded beach or to the famous Bean. And also to attend classes and becoming a student again. The experience was enriching and truly energizing. The photos were definitely an added bonus *winks 
  • I had an amazing time in Boston and Chicago. I touched Mr. Harvard's shoe for luck, hung out over the glass ledge at Willis Tower, met up with an old friend, and walked more than 115K steps during the entire trip. 
  • MY Yoga's Parents & Kids Yoga took flight. The almost once-a-month affair were lots of fun and it was always exciting to see kids coming back for more, class after class. 
  • I met DAVID BECKHAM - again! After seeing him live in action against United back in 2010, it was super duper awesome to have him stand just a few feet away. His hair was..ahem..a little untidy tbh but everyone was still screaming like nobody's business LOL. Now I really want to meet the wifey..please come by soon, pretty please 
  • I only managed 8 books and I gotta up my game
  • I was honored and humbled to be recognized as an entrepreneur for founding MY Yoga :)
  • with the shortest list yet but nevertheless it was year of optimism, of stopping to smell the flowers, of breathing in the sights and sounds. While the days (and evenings) were really busy, things came and went, old classes ended and new classes began, life felt great most of the time. 
2018 will be a year of consciousness, of opportunities and hopefully of dreams becoming realities. 

HaPpY NeW YeAr 2018!

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